Kuppadam Saree

Andhra Pradesh State in India is known for its exclusive handloom work and the weavers who are very hard working and innovative. They are known to make exclusive sarees with intricate and distinctive designs. One such creation is “Kuppadam Sarees”, which was created by the ‘Chirala Community’ of the State and gained a lot of popularity from the year 2002. This handloom art form uses a special interlocked design on the weft of fabric weaving, which is called “Kupadam”. Hence the Art form is called “Kuppadam”. The count used in the weaving gives the softness and hardness of the fabric. In these sarees, the counts are used up to 120 (length) – 120 (breadth) for soft woven Sarees. The Saree’s borders normally have temple motif hence these sarees are especially worn during pujas and other religious occasions. In Andhra Pradesh, Festive occasions and religious events are considered incomplete without Kuppadam Sarees.


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