Kim Khwab Fabric

The word ‘Kim Khwab’ translates into tiny dreams which can be interpreted to mean that it is ‘the fabric of dreams’. True to its meaning, Kim Khwab is a royal textile which was once popular in the Mughal courts. This brocade is a heavy and gilt form of brocade which is known to have such extensive amount of zari work that the underlying silk fabric is almost invisible. This makes it an ideal choice for bridal wear and ceremonial occasions. One of the few luxury textiles in the realm, it is used to create a variety of garnish to impart that regal note to them. The patterns and motifs are inspired from flora such as vines, trees, flowers and fauna, primarily birds like peacock etc. This intricate and elaborate embroidery deserves a special place in each and every woman’s wardrobe to pay ode to its magnificence. Here, we present you an assortment of kimkhwab fabric in a variety of colours and motif patterns for you to curate garments of your own choice. Let the fabric of dreams create a dreamy vision for you.

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