Kalamkari Suit

Creating and enjoying art is one of the most voluntary aspects of human life. It is the appreciation of this form of expression that has driven art connoisseurs to look for varied style and interests. Art on shawl is like a canvas that is wearable: The story of an artmaker which is depicted beautifully in the yards of shawl. Kalamkari art is one of these forms which is incredibly meticulous and gorgeous. It literally translates into pen (kalam) and work (kari). Artists paint into the textile surface, often depicting a mythological story or just prints of flowers and other designs. They are characterised by their colourful outlook which results from the usage of various natural colours during hand painting. This shawl is ideal to be stitched into suits, dresses and blouses alike. With an interesting array of kalamkari shawl length at Luxurion World, let your imagination loose and turn them into designer elements of your liking.

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