Kalamkari Saree

The indigenous craft of all country when it comes to adorning fabrics has always been the fancy of women across the globe. With an upsurge in the trend to sport such traditional handicraft on apparels, kalamkari work has been elevated to a new status. Derived from the words ‘kalam’ meaning pen and ‘kari’ meaning work, it is a distinctive style of hand painted motifs. A pen is used for free hand drawing of the subject and then the pattern is filled with desired colours. The speciality of kalamkari art is that the finished pattern is mellow even though bright colours are used substantially. It doesn’t look extravagantly showy with its graceful feature stealing the show. The kalamkari sarees at Luxurion World boasts of creative sophistication in a unique style. If you wish your clothing to speak of simplicity, aesthetic wonder and elite taste, then these sarees are just right for you. Wear them to the next party / get together and let the evergreen tale of its magical beauty spell compliments for you.

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