Ghicha Silk Fabric

The forms of silk are varied and aplenty. With the love of silk ever mounting among women, it is their craving to own silk in its all forms and enjoy the elite texture of its drape. One such enamouring fabric is ghicha silk which is the name given to the yarn that are not dyed when tussar silk is reeled. Ghicha is the silken yarn obtained from cocoon which do not get included in the routine process of reeling in of tussar silk directly from the cocoon. This yarn is generally used as blend material with pure silk fabric or katia silk or pure cotton fabric. Owing to its sturdy nature, they are best used for making of both ladies and gents kurta. Saree blouses also look good when made out of ghicha silk because of the sheen that outlines the fabric. The smooth texture and shrinkage free quality further boosts the usage of this fabric into making of dresses and evening gowns. If you find it rather plain, try using laces and buttons to impart a glamorous look to the garment. It’s the class of the fabric which coerces the designer in you to go forward with its purchase. Go ahead and make your selection.

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