Dupion Silk Fabric

The lavish and opulent dupion silk fabric is an exquisitely woven textile which is enjoying great popularity the ethnic lovers all across. The method of production uses a smooth fine yarn in the wrap and uneven yarn in the weft which produces a textured slub that runs through the plain weave fabric. The yarn made from silk is very receptive to dyeing, so a huge multitude of colours are available. Most dupion silk boasts a beautiful two tone effect which differs depending on the two shades used to make a length of fabric. The structure of the fabric in taut with no stretch which enables designers to ply well with detailed patterns, cut and shapes to fit perfectly. Dupion silk is also a breathable fabric which makes it ideal to be worn in all climates. Dupion silk fabric at Luxurion World is further embellished with Banarasi work to impart a rich look to it. Ideal to be sewn as dresses or kurtis, they are apt to be used for lavish occasions. It’s time to show off your romance with this spectacular fabric

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