Cutwork Lace

Cutwork is a technique in which portions of a textile, typically cotton, linen, or silk are cut away to form designs and a particular pattern. The resulting ‘hole’ is reinforced and filled with embroidery and needlework. Believed to have originated in Italy which was and is one of the greatest fashion hubs, it has now become prevalent in usage globally. Earlier cutwork was done by hand but with advanced mechanism available now, laser techniques are used which allows for more precise and intricate patterns to be created. The laser also has the ability to melt and seal the edges of the fabric which prevents fabric fraying during the creation process. Cutwork lace is a beautiful pattern to explore and incorporate into making dress materials more pretty. They are used as border and anchal work in sarees and even used in designer ways on dupattas and salwar suits. At Luxurion World we have them in colorful texture as well as gold and silver ones. The detailing in the magic like patterns is so intricately crafted that you will love them for its elaborate designs. Get them to revamp your old dresses or sarees or sew them on new fabric. Let your inner designer turn you into the next talked about a person in town!

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