Chikankari Fabric

The delicate art of chikankari is an art of embroidered elegance at its zenith. The oh-so-dainty craftsmanship of intricate white thread embroidery on various fabrics denotes a unique form of understated regality. Chikankari work has been associated with Lucknow for over two hundred years and was originally done only on muslin cloth. With the rejuvenation of love for this thread work, the fashion curators have experimented with a variety of fabric, and each exudes more marvel than the other. True chikankar has the unique property of being limited to a fixed repertoire of six basic stitches that are used separately or in combination with one another. A portrayal of timeless flavor, this fabric looks lovely when stitched into garments – long kurtas, short tops, dresses, or blouses. Here we present you a tale of beautiful chikankari fabrics that are a beauty to behold. Get your hands on them for exclusive wear to fall in love with yourself yet again.

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